eritage Port Hope Advisory Committee is a committee of the Municipality of Port Hope Council. The function of the committee is to advise Council on local heritage matters and to assist in carrying out its heritage conservation program.

Our focus is to promote heritage conservation within the community, and advise property owners on appropriate conservation practices.

The passing of the Ontario Heritage Act established the responsibility of governments to identify and conserve our built heritage. In respect to this Act, the Heritage Port Hope Advisory Committee (HPH) was formed.

review properties for designation
assist in the designation process
liaise with experts regarding maintenance and restoration of older buildings
work with other heritage organizations such as the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO), Community Heritage Ontario (CHO) and the National Trust for Canada.
review applications for exterior additions or alterations
recommend Certificates of Commendation for the restoration and preservation of properties
encourage rehabilitation and restoration of heritage buildings
review applications for new buildings adjacent to designated heritage properties