elcome to the web-site of Heritage Port Hope Advisory Committee (HPHAC).
The HPHAC was established in 1977 and is a   committee appointed by the Municipality of Port Hope to advise on heritage matters in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA).   As appointed volunteers we help owners and business operators of designated properties with applications to make proposed changes to their homes and shops.  We are directed by guidelines, standards and bylaws published by the Municipality and the Province.

The primary focus of HPH is to promote heritage conservation within the community and advise property owners on appropriate conservation practices. We recognize that heritage conservation goes beyond strict regulations and enforcement to include a co-operative approach when working with property owners and we encourage adaptive reuse as a way of preserving heritage architecture for future generations.

We have a number of on-going projects which includes creating new designations including our next heritage conservation district, fine tuning an inventory of important heritage structures, and completing a catalogue of designated properties which may be published in book form in the future. The latter, is now available on this web site under designations. The background of each designated property has been provided including the architectural description that forms the property by-law and a historical abstract with archival photos when available.

Other initiatives include participation in the Northumberland Heritage Alliance, a combined group of all of the municipal heritage committees in the county. The Alliance is currently meeting bi-annually to share heritage initiatives across the county. Additionally, we are a part of a sub-committee formed with Northumberland Tourism to collaborate on destination development with a focus on heritage. We are in the planning and development stage of organizing a county wide Doors Open for 2014. Over the last two years we have given out an annual Heritage Achievement Award to formally recognize individual citizen's outstanding commitments to heritage restoration and conservation. The criterion for this award is available on this page.

HPHAC members are available to discuss planned renovation and restoration projects or assist with the completion of heritage applications. If an owner wishes to designate their property (i.e. protect it under the OHA), please contact any member of HPH. The necessary research will be completed, and documentation prepared, with input from the owner and the Municipal Council. The goal of HPH is to help in any way possible with applications and designations! It is our honour to play a part in the preservation and conservation of Port Hope's rich architectural heritage.

Our Contact Information:

Heritage Port Hope Advisory Committee
56 Queen Street, Port Hope, ON L1A 3V9