a process under the Ontario Heritage Act that gives a property a special status
registered on the title of the property
protection and preservation of the architectural history, contextual and historical aspects of the building
a positive means of increasing the value of your property. Research conducted by Dr. Robert Shipley (Shipley, 2000) concluded that the rate of sales among individually designated properties was equal to, or greater than, the general rate of sales of properties within a community. Additionally, property values of historic buildings significantly outperformed the appreciation rates of non-historic properties
a means of recognizing heritage architecture that does not require an owner to restore a property to its original condition or appearance
recognized with a plaque
Designation describes the following characteristics:
the age of the building
the style or period of the building
the association of the building with: a prominent architect, builder, a notable person of the community or an important historic event
the uniqueness of the building
the association with historic landscapes, waterways and roads

Grants and loans information is provided in the
“Heritage Building Incentive Programs” brochure available at the Municipal Office.
So, if you are the owner of a designated property, please remember before spending a penny on alterations or signage, ask the Municipal Building Department if a Heritage Application or Heritage Sign Application is required.
Heritage Applications are free of charge.
HPH members are available to answer questions regarding the planning of restorations, paint colours, additions, alterations or signage prior to commencement.
The Ontario Heritage Act, as well as Municipal Bylaws, support heritage conservation in the Municipality of Port Hope.
Be informed, seek guidance before beginning any project on a designated building.
designated buildings require a Heritage Application before any alterations can be made All designated buildings require a Heritage Sign Application before signs are erected
Therefore, before: painting or erecting a sign, replacing a roof or a window, or making any structural alteration, visit the Municipality of Port Hope Building Department. Obtain Heritage Applications, and find out if a building permit is required.

Consult with HPH to discuss proposed plans or ideas

After consultation with HPH, submit the Heritage Application or Heritage Sign Application to the Municipality of Port Hope Building Department with detailed drawings, photos and description of the work to be done

The building department will forward documentation to HPH for review and approval and will notify you when the Heritage Application is approved

Contact the Municipality of Port Hope Building Department for any further permits and approvals